Parkside Tavern invites all-comers to the Sunset district.

Parkside Tavern is the result of owner Larry Doyle's love of the neighborhood that he calls home. Having been a frequent visitor to Rick's, the former occupant of the space, Larry realized that when Rick's closed in November of 2008, there was an opportunity to create a gathering place that would be uniquely geared to serve the Parkside neighborhood's diverse clientele.

With a diverse population of young and old, families and singles, sports enthusiasts and music buffs, foodies and business people living in the vicinity, Parkside Tavern is a place where neighbor meets neighbor and new friendships are formed.


The Parkside neighborhood has a rich history in San Francisco. Created over 100 years ago, the Parkside neighborhood still remains a strong community in the Sunset District. Built in 1948, Parkside Tavern has been the home to many neighborhood establishments over the years. 

Long-time residents of Parkside fondly recall memories of the pipe organ behind the bar when The Lost Weekend was here during the 50’s & 60’s. Feeling nostalgic? Just look up! The architecture of the ceiling reflects the original shape of the circular bar that once filled the room. 

Mahogany and brass-filled the room in the early 1990’s when the building was remodeled and a kitchen was added, creating the namesake restaurant, 1940 Taraval. Many residents of the Parkside community fondly recall Rick’s Restaurant & Bar, which served American & Hawaiian comfort food and provided a friendly neighborhood atmosphere to the community from 1995 – 2009. 

Today, Parkside Tavern continues the tradition of a friendly neighborhood restaurant and lively bar, keeping the spirit of the Parkside neighborhood alive. We welcome you to join us!


Gift Certificates {in any amount} are available to purchase at Parkside Tavern 
during business hours or by calling the office number (415)731-9784


Parkside Tavern has a private dining room that can be reserved for your next event. We customize the menu to fit your occasion; whether you prefer dinner service with a pre-set menu, buffet service, or cocktails and appetizers.


Signed Copies of Irish Pub Cooking by Chef Larry Doyle available for $8.95